Losing It.

When my son was little, he loved Toy Story. We are first generation Toy Story folks… and I remember I went to great lengths, and expense, to get him a Woody and a Buzz toy… and he loved them both. I still have them… I found them just the other day and it made me sad to reminisce back to when my now twenty-one year old was just a little boy. Sigh…. I digress.

But, we also happened to be potty training at the same time that Woody and Buzz came into our lives. So, right or wrong… good parenting or not… when Ellis had a potty accident, Woody and Buzz would get taken away and put on the fireplace mantel until the next morning. Then, he could have them both back… but if an accident occurred, they went right back on the mantel. He actually was pretty easy to get potty trained… he hated having his Woody and Buzz taken away… And I’m pretty sure if knew I was posting this that his face would be bright, bright red now.

Yesterday I had texts all day long from my kids… stuff like “I suck at this” and “My life stinks” and “I hate school” and “I’m not good at this” and “I’m not good at that”…

I got aggravated… so I sent them all three a message… “Life is going to hand you difficult days. There will always be people prettier than you or more handsome than you. There will be people more qualified than you, more athletic than you, wealthier than you, and more privileged than you. What there will never be is another YOU. There will never be anyone else with your smile, your laugh, your heart, or your personality. You will always be your best when you are being yourself. If you didn’t do your best on a test, on your homework, or at a game… don’t beat yourself up and lay down on the ground and just take it. You get up, and you dust yourself off, and you do whatever it takes to be better. If you think you’ve tried hard enough or are good enough… you’ll never get any better. Get going. Get moving. Shut your mouth and quit whining and give until you’ve got nothing left to give. You are my kids. You are brave. You are smart. You are talented. You are handsome. You are beautiful. You are blessed. I love you with all my heart and I’m always proud of you. Always. No matter what. And I will always love you no matter what. The negative talk has got to stop. You are God’s kids too and He says you are more than enough, you can do all things through Christ, and He supplies all your need. Stop putting yourselves down and speaking badly about yourselves or Im’ma pray to Jesus to take away your voice until you learn to use it properly… and your fingers too so you can’t text bad stuff either. Mommy loves you. ❤️”

Then, I thought about it.. What if God really did do that? What if He took our voices… our platform, our ministry, our ability to witness… and He put it up on His big mantel shelf until we learned how to use it properly?

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