It’s Friday Silly… Be OK Today.

My alarm clock went off this morning and my first thought was… why is my alarm going off this early on a Saturday. ðŸ¤·â€â™€ï¸ðŸ˜‚… It’s been a long week. ðŸ˜’ I get up and I wake up the girls and everybody is whining… them about going to school and me about going to work. Because yeah, we’d all like to just stay home and let life be handed to us and for money to grow on trees.

I think about Ruth though. There she was. Miles from home. In a strange land, with strange people, and with strange customs. She didn’t have anything. No husband. No kids. No resources. No home of her own. Nothing. I’ve complained a lot about not having good enough, but I’ve always been blessed enough that I’ve never truly had nothing. She got up and she went out to the barley fields so she could pick up the leftovers, not for income, but so she could have something to eat, and her mother-in-law Naomi could eat as welll…

And, she wasn’t out there whining about it, complaining about it, and having a bad attitude about… otherwise she’d never caught the attention of Boaz. At least she wouldn’t have caught the right kind of attention. Sometimes we get attention… just not the attention we want or need. We let the favor of God pass over us because we can’t maintain our attitude in a not-so-desirable situation. She caught his attention and she went from picking up the scraps and barely getting by to owning the field and having more than enough for her, and her mother-in-law Naomi. She also became the great-grandmother of King David… part of the lineage that Jesus came here through.

Life is hard some days.

Some days, some weeks, some months, even some years… they’re just so hard. And you get tired of the struggle. You get tired of giving and never receiving. You get tired of the rain. You get tired of the pain and heartbreak. You get tired of being told no. You get tired of losing. And, it’s OK to be tired. It’s OK to be upset. It’s OK to not be OK… It’s just not OK to stay that way!

God wants to bring you to better. Even on the hard days, get up, get dressed, and show up… giving Him thanks and praise all the way there! Today could be the day that your Boaz comes on the scene!

Click here for all the devotional readings for “It’s OK To Not Be OK”.

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