The Heat Works… Stop Stressing.

I stress out about my heat pump. It’s crazy, I know. I was laying in bed this morning after I got woken up by the school calling at 5 am to let us know about the two-hour delay thinking… why is the heat not working? Is the heat really not working? What if it quit working? What if something happened to it… and it’s going to be majorly expensive to fix it and it’s Christmas…

My mind just wouldn’t quit so I could go back to sleep.

The heat pump works just fine.

But, I stress out because my mind remembers around this time last year when the heat pump went out in the house I was renting. For a week we had no heat except what came from space heaters and it wasn’t enough to heat the whole house. It was cold.

There was a time before that the heat pump went out too.

And, there was the time we came home from vacation and had no air.

And, the other time, during one of the hottest weeks of the summer we had no air and the house was like a furnace.

My mind thinks about what was… instead of what is.

The problem with thinking about what was is that you let you fear, worry, doubt, and concern unnecessarily into your mind. Instead of being thankful for where you are now and what you have now… you’re stuck dwelling on past issues and problems. Instead of meditating on praise and thankfulness… you’re meditating on hurts, regrets, and concerns.

Like when you remember the words they said to you… and you think that’s what everybody around you right now is still believing. Like when you remember the way they hurt you… and you live in constant worry and fear the same thing is going to happen again, even though you have no indication that it will. Like when you remember how you felt and you refuse to take a risk of loving or giving because you don’t ever want to feel that way again.

Living in the past will only keep you from enjoying the future.

You’re supposed to stay focused on what’s in front of you… not constantly looking in the rear view mirror to see if what’s behind you is coming after you.

Life is in the now. You’re breathing and living and walking and talking in the now. There’s nothing about the past you can change or fix or make any different…. let it go, quit laying awake thinking about it. Quit waiting for it to happen again. Quit expecting it to happen again. Quit worrying it will happen again. Go to sleep… the heat’s just fine… rest and relax and enjoy today. #preachingthistomyself

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