People Are Unreasonable, God is Not.

I watch American Pickers sometimes. They go into these little shacks and storage sheds and they find stuff that has been sitting for years and years and years. Most of the time… it needs a lot of work. Especially cars, bikes, and motorcycles. And, while Mike and Frank always make reasonable offers… sometimes they have to pass on an item because either the seller doesn’t want to be reasonable, it just needs way too much work and they couldn’t fix it and make a profit, or they can’t get to it because it’s wedged under a pile of junk and trash and isn’t worth the effort and time to get it out.

I remember when my dreams, hopes, and ambitions seemed buried under a pile of junk and trash. Over the years, heartbreaks and fears and discouragement and harsh words and bitterness and anger piled up and before I knew it… everything I hoped about my life was just wedged up under a disaster. I prayed and prayed and prayed and I knew God could and I had seen Him do great things… so why… why not fix these things for me? Why not answer the prayers I was praying and give me the desires of my heart?

I had to learn that sometimes other people are unreasonable and do not conform to God’s will. They have opportunities to change but choose not to. They have resources to help but choose not to. They have moments they can walk in forgiveness and speak life… but they choose not to. And, God, in His infinite wisdom and grace… does not force men or women to bend to His will. They have the right to choose… just like I have the right to choose.

The awesome thing about God is that while He doesn’t force men and women to bend to His will… He is also not limited by their choosing to not submit to Him and His way. He is infinitely creative and help and restoration will come… just not maybe in the way I hoped or thought or prayed.

Mike and Frank may have to pass on that great find today… but tomorrow they may find something better and greater.

God is not limited by us and the decisions we make. He is not limited by others and the decisions they make either. Just as Mordecai told Esther… if you choose not to go to the King, help for the Jewish people will arise from another source, but you and your father’s house will be destroyed.

Maybe you don’t understand why they didn’t change, why they didn’t help, why they didn’t support you, or why they turned their back on you. You don’t understand why they let you down, used you, took advantage of you, or hurt you… let it go and let God deal with them. Let them reap what they are sowing. Put your faith and trust in God and know that He is able to bring your help and healing from another source.

“I declare that God is going to redeem and restore my dreams, ambitions, desires, and purpose in life, and allow me to experience the joy of a life well lived, people well loved through me, and a fulfilled life mission.” (Shawn Bolz)

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