It Is a Long Walk Without Him

“Fine. I’ll just walk home.” My youngest daughter and I were sitting in the car waiting for her sister to get out of softball practice and we were having a discussion. She was anxious to get back home and didn’t like having to sit there and wait… especially when practice was supposed to have beenContinue reading “It Is a Long Walk Without Him”

People Are Unreasonable, God is Not.

I watch American Pickers sometimes. They go into these little shacks and storage sheds and they find stuff that has been sitting for years and years and years. Most of the time… it needs a lot of work. Especially cars, bikes, and motorcycles. And, while Mike and Frank always make reasonable offers… sometimes they haveContinue reading “People Are Unreasonable, God is Not.”

Love Without Expectations.

In the movie Dirty Dancing, Baby, who is undoubtedly her father’s favorite, decides to have a relationship with a guy is beneath her father’s standards for her. She doesn’t do it to hurt her father, or to disobey him, or to discredit him, or to dishonor him, or to disappoint him… she just finds herselfContinue reading “Love Without Expectations.”

It’s Friday Silly… Be OK Today.

My alarm clock went off this morning and my first thought was… why is my alarm going off this early on a Saturday. 🤷‍♀️😂… It’s been a long week. 😒 I get up and I wake up the girls and everybody is whining… them about going to school and me about going to work. Because yeah, we’d allContinue reading “It’s Friday Silly… Be OK Today.”