God Walks in the Midst of the Pieces.

“I count on one thing, the same God that never fails…Will not fail me now, You won’t fail me now…” And, when you understand why your God never fails you… it pushes you into a deeper place of longing for Him, and worshiping Him more intimately, and appreciating the sacrifice made for you. Understanding pushesContinue reading “God Walks in the Midst of the Pieces.”

You Can’t See the Whole Picture… But God Can!

You can’t take a picture of the outside of the building from the inside. You can’t see the broad expanse of the forest when you’re right in the middle of it. When you’re in a boat in the middle of the ocean… all you can see is water on all sides, land is nowhere toContinue reading “You Can’t See the Whole Picture… But God Can!”

It Is a Long Walk Without Him

“Fine. I’ll just walk home.” My youngest daughter and I were sitting in the car waiting for her sister to get out of softball practice and we were having a discussion. She was anxious to get back home and didn’t like having to sit there and wait… especially when practice was supposed to have beenContinue reading “It Is a Long Walk Without Him”

People Are Unreasonable, God is Not.

I watch American Pickers sometimes. They go into these little shacks and storage sheds and they find stuff that has been sitting for years and years and years. Most of the time… it needs a lot of work. Especially cars, bikes, and motorcycles. And, while Mike and Frank always make reasonable offers… sometimes they haveContinue reading “People Are Unreasonable, God is Not.”