Don’t Let Rejection Stop You.

Rejection. It hurts. It’s a hard emotion and a hard feeling to process because when something we’ve done, or said, or created… or we ourselves are rejected… it’s almost as if our very being and our very identity is being brought under scrutiny and not wanted. It’s painful. But we cannot let rejection stop usContinue reading “Don’t Let Rejection Stop You.”

Just Because They’re Not With You, Doesn’t Mean They’re Not For You

A year ago I was not a Crossfit fan. I had heard things about Crossfit. Crossfit pushes you to lift too much weight. People get hurt doing Crossfit because they don’t teach you good form. Crossfit makes women bulky and causes them to lose their femininity. The workouts only last 15-20 minutes… that’s not aContinue reading “Just Because They’re Not With You, Doesn’t Mean They’re Not For You”

Don’t Slow Down Just Because It’s Dark

It was dark. Since it’s a country road, there weren’t many street lights and house lights would come and go in groups. In front was dark. On the left was dark. On the right was dark. Behind me all I could see was the headlights of other cars making the same drive as me. SpeedContinue reading “Don’t Slow Down Just Because It’s Dark”