Readings from lessons and sermons I have taught over the years.

The Heart of A King

Nine readings based on the life of king David who God proclaimed to be “a man after mine own heart”.

It’s OK To Not Be OK

Sometimes we are broken. Sometimes life just seems so unfair. We fight battles and we face struggles that seem like they are going to take us down and keep us out. And, it’s OK if we are not OK. God just doesn’t want us to stay like that!

Cave Time

A selection of writings on how to handle “cave” experiences… like David did when he hid in the cave running for his life from Saul… based on Psalm 142.

So… You Really Want to Change.

Based on the story of King Josiah found in 2 Chronicles 34 and 2 Kings 23. Change… it’s a process and we have to play our part in order for it to take place.

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